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I guess all the Path of Exile fans are keep getting ready for the official unleash within the next month. Truly I conjointly need to expertise the superb feel during this marvelous game. However during this amount, I feel the Path of Exile ORBS preparation is that the most significant issue for North American country. Solely with the complete of ORBS, we are able to build a higher starting within the game.


I managed to suit in an exceedingly few hours of play time throughout this past weekend’s Path of Exile beta. I spent a good deal of that point making characters and look spectacular gap cinematics – extremely unreal introductions that introduce every characters story primarily based not solely on their race, however conjointly their category and therefore the few background and private decisions you create throughout character creation.



Speaking of character creation, you'll choose from eight categories and 5 races. No elves or dwarves or orcs. Instead you've got attention-grabbing races like Sylvari that are dryad-like plant those that sleep in sprawling tree cities, or Charr that are huge bushy creatures United Nations agency lope regarding typically on 2 and typically on four feet. There are humans (though solely absolutely proportioned, beautiful humans) and Norns United Nations agency are basically terribly giant humans, and my favorite of the bunch, the floppy-eared, high-tech Hindu deity.


The game eschews realism for its unreal, esthetic look and flood of colours – a decent selection, and well-executed. From what very little I managed to play of the sport, it’s very quite beautiful. The eye to detail all told the varied landscapes and cities is sort of exceptional. I notably pet town designed out of ships. Taverns perked up high on top of the ocean within the gutted interior of a galley, a springboard at the highest of town from wherefrom you'll dive elegantly into the water below; hidden underwater villages there for no alternative reason than to explore.


Path of Exile seems to be Associate in Nursing imposingly bold MMORPG in each its scale and its need to interrupt conventions. The first Path of Exile Gold was truly the primary MMO I compete, a few years agone, however I haven’t compete it in an exceedingly durable. One or two of the items I keep in mind disliking regarding the first are gone within the sequel. There a lot of confined, sequenced world of the first is gone in favor of a huge open atmosphere that’s double-geared toward exploration. The unfortunate inability to leap that therefore troubled Path of Exile one has not solely been remedied to buy Path of Exile ORBS on, however characters in Path of Exile also can roll in varied directions.


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I don't believe any paid league in Path of Exile

I don't believe any paid league will ever be permanent. From a business point of view it wouldn't make sense. My guess is that they will charge more for longer duration leagues, with a maximum measured in months (probably with the option to extend for another fee). They also have to assume that people/groups will eventually tire of the game and there needs to be a way to fold those characters back into hardcore or default when their time expires. SO as the earlier paragraph said:


"There are a few permanent long term leagues including the default “standard” and “hardcore” leagues. All other leagues have a duration value and a parent league.


When the duration is over, all characters in that league become part of the parent league."



I was hoping permanent leagues with more "relaxed" aspects like no XP loss, better drop rates, and more importantly a more relaxed crafting ratio (all aspects: socketting, fusing, coloring).


Can we have a GGG confirmation that this will never happen? That will save me a TON of time having to check back on these forums etc. Let us know so I can just go give all my gear away, and delete the game.


To clarify what another person said in this thread:


the custom/private leagues will all, by definition, be more difficult than anything in Default. This is because all custom/private leagues are temporary, and upon conclusion feed back into Default. So it wouldn't be fair to have, say, a 100% IIR/IIQ custom league for X days, load the fuck up on loot, then as the league expires, introduce a heap of currency and high end items into the Default league's economy. It'd be a strange sort of pay to win, really.


I am sure private leagues are still coming. Default league's purpose as a 'dumping ground' has yet to be realised, but it will be.

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